User Ann (again)   – I’m having a hard time working out, how Bioporto will control that the companies they have sold the heterogeneous license to, will not just deliver the simpler and easier to use homogeneous NGAL test to their customers. I also believe that Bioporto have chosen a very aggressive(maybe to aggressive) approach to the market, when they say no medical company can buy the production license to the best product (homogeneous test), but we have a second rate solution you can buy instead(hetero).

Well Ann – you sure have a way of making us work 🙂

To your first question – all homogenous NGAL test will be delivered (and manufactured) by BioPorto – the distributors just distribute…

In an ideal world – The ONLY reason to give anyone a non-exclusive license for the heterogenous NGAL test market is – that your own homogenous test does not work on his/hers machinery .. It’s as simple as that…

But there are – as far as I know always exceptions to the rule, and there are reasons why BioPorto chose to do it regardless .

The first being that the Agreement entered into with the Werfen Group  (Instrumentation Lab) validated the test principles (being that BioPorto has the patent – and delivers  the key ingredient)

The second being – that the License Agreement generates much needed liquidity

The third being  – that heterogenous test (to my knowledge) works well in a POC-setting  (but I’m not quite sure – so please correct me if I’m wrong)

The fourth being – that validation of your particular apparatus is not on BioPorto’s “to do” list

nonetheless – it seems futile to demand that BioPorto enters into loads of license-agreements for the heterogenous market – with the possible exception of the POC-market

I understand that from an investor point of view, these agreements are stress-relieving in-as-much as we all feel “Wow – if it’s good enough for XXcompany  – then its good enough for me… ”

But focus should be on entering into Distribution- Agreements with machine manufacturers – also because it’s much easier to monitor the number of NGAL test sold.

I’ve been a keen believer in taking a NGAL test to the market myself ever since 2006-07 when the earliest discussions on the subject began, the reason why I have reluctantly endorsed the license-agreements is because they provide liquidity,  and that has always been scarce for BioPorto…  I would like to just one/two more license agreement (for the sake of good order … and downpayments) …

But there is always – as you point out – a risk of exceeding your grasp…  and as someone pointed out ” BioPorto is just plain greedy… and too much so”

I hope none of those statements turns out to be true..






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BioPorto investor from way back when... I've invested in BioPorto ever since they made their debut on the danish stock exchange, it been a looooong journey with many obstacles. But well worth it all if Bioporto maintains their patent after the proceedings in 2014, and enters into agreements with Global Distributors in 2012 and 2013 If not, then it'll take another xx.years 🙂

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