If one is to believe Bioporto’s distributors – then 2013 will be THE breakthrough year for the NGAL-Test sales.

Recently BioPorto sported a seminar for the national and regional NGAL-distributors. The Event also saw particification of 3 leading Doctors working in Hospitals where The NGAL test is being introduced

The 3 doctors made interesting keynote speeches ,

Dr. Makris concluded that using the NGAL test as exclusion was obvious

Remarkably, Dr. Makris concluded by saying that while the evidence for NGAL guided treatment is still emerging, using NGAL as an exclusion parameter is a “no brainer”. The negative predictive value of NGAL is unquestionable. A “low” NGAL level is valid in clinical decision making and can be used safely as a diagnostic exclusion criterion i.e. to dismiss patients.

On the possibilities and options in applying the NGAL-Test for a wide array of conditions,  Dr. Peter Andreas gave the following evidence:
As head of the central laboratory Dr. Peter has been deeply involved in implementation of NGAL on the Siemens ADVIA analyzer in hospital laboratory. It was very interesting to learn that NGAL had been evaluated for use in surprisingly many clinical disciplines within the hospital. The intensive care, surgery, emergency, pediatric, cardiology, gynecology, hematology and gastroenterology departments have all used NGAL
further Dr. Morejsova elaborated on improved patient management – using NGAL as tool to evaluate the correct medication
Dr. Mokrejsova shared some very interesting patient cases stories about how NGAL improves her patient management. Patients, who are treated with nephrotoxic antibiotics such as gentamicin, are highly prone to suffer an acute kidney injury, but monitoring NGAL levels guides her to adjust the dosage in the nick of time before the injury progresses into a potentially devastating kidney failure.
All very interesting and reassuring BUT – the absolute Showstopper is this: 

“The NGAL Test™ distributor LabMark came to the meeting with the long awaited news that reimbursement for NGAL will be a reality from 2013 in the Czech Republic. Reimbursement has been debated for the past two years by the Czech health authorities and this recent decision makes the Czech Republic the first country in the world to open reimbursement for NGAL.” 

“LabMark also shared information about their excellent collaboration with Roche in Czech about promoting The NGAL Test™ together. We believe that this is a great opportunity to reach the customers of a major instrument provider.”

In spite of the fact that Roche (as a whole) has not yet decided to ACTIVELY market the The NGAL-Test (I am stressing  -yet), one national Roche company – namely in the Czech republic, decided to take matters into the own hands – and are helping LabMark in their effort in implementating the test in rouitine-diagnostics.

And finally – an American Distributor presented – what can turn out to be “decisive news” in the pending FDA approval process. If NGAL is accepted (or even promoted) as a safety marker – then that is truly marvellous….

“Another distributor shared that they have won a tender for providing a high number of NGAL tests to a Clinical Research Organization (CRO) working on a clinical trial for a major pharmaceutical company. The study protocol includes the use of NGAL for toxicology evaluation. The key thing is that this protocol is approved by the FDA, hence recognizing the use of NGAL as a safety biomarker in clinical studies. The distributor is very excited because they expect similar opportunities to arise in the near future.”

All in all – splendid news, also regarding the crucial cost/benefit… Read all about it :)¨




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