In the 2. edition of Clinical and Laboratory Medicine Vol. 49 a group of Doctors from Liegé made a comparison of the two systems.

First they praise the ARCHITECT system….


Triage NGAL could be an alternative as the Triage meters can be used in a ward. Unfortunately, the analytical performance of this machine did not fulfil our expectations. Indeed, the method showed important analytical limitations, the primary one being the high variation around the proposed cut-off for the reference value (below 130 mg/L).

Analytical validation of NGAL 341 urement using the cut-off value is thus questionable with the Triage NGAL which shows a high analytical variability around this cut-off value.

Moreover, it must be remembered that this high variation was observed when the analyses were performed under optimal conditions, with a well-trained and experienced technician. In the hands of many different inexperienced nurses in a crowded ward, this variability could be worse.”

This is a fatal blow to Alere’s  Triage sytem. More or less.

It should be noted that in the test, they did not take the by Bioporto “protected NGAL Cut-off area” into consideration, so eventhough the ARCHITECHT might be much better than the Triage, we still think its more or less useless under the given circumstances.

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2 Responses to Abbott ARCHITECT VS. BioSite Triage.

  1. admin says:

    However, plasma NGAL was the strongest predictor of AKI progression, with patients in the highest quintile (>322 ng/mL) being 7.7 times more likely to progress than those in the lowest two quintiles (60-164.5 ng/mL).

    The article.

  2. stengaard says:

    no small wonder that the proposed cut-off at 130 ng/ml proved futile. You will have a large number of false positive up until approx. 150

    So Alere is risking their credibility in order to defend af undefendable cutoff-value…

    It would have been som much easier (and cheaper in the long run) if they had stopped flogging the dead horse (CCH' revorked patent)

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