Recently Abbott invested in a phase II drug by danish Action Pharma ( )

But it doesn’t stop there – Abbott had already entered the booming market of potentially anti-AKI-drugs.

September 2011 saw the investment in AM-pharma; apart from the fact that the market and number of deaths is grossly underestimated I like it, especially the fact that Abbott invested in another company focusing on AKI..

quote: “The current fundraising will enable AM-Pharma to advance its human recombinant form of human AP from preclinical stages through to the end of phase II as a treatment for Acute Kidney Injury (AKI). AKI is a serious condition in which the kidney function is damaged by severe inflammation (sepsis), surgery or contrast fluids. This kidney damage may then lead to patients undergoing dialysis treatment for the rest of their lives. Currently there is no effective treatment for AKI and over 700.000 AKI patients die each year. The AKI market represents a USD 2 billion opportunity. AP, an enzyme playing a protective role in anti-inflammatory conditions, has shown great potency in two AKI clinical phase II studies as well as in one Ulcerative Colitis study with bovine-derived AP. The new human recombinant AP that AM-Pharma developed will be assessed for its safety and efficacy during clinical development.

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AM-Pharma Raises EUR29.2m in Series D Financing – FierceBiotech

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