Geneva University Hospital has examined the 5 most promising markers.

NGAL holds the largest potential, and is, as the only marker able to measure in all fluids, the most diverse.
A problem this examination point out is though, that as a consequense of the fact that most of the trials has been conducted by Cinncinnatis Childrens Hopital, the results will only apply to children.

Given the age of this examination though, and taken into considertation the huge amount of trials on NGAL conducted since this report, I find it safe to say that, that problem has been delt with, and that NGAL still proves to be the most diverse and “useable” in a clinical setting.

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Tidligere ejer af Strategien har gennem mange år været at profitere på etablerede aktier, og brænde det hele af på Bioporto... Sad but true. Kontakt mig på medicoinvestor(A) hvis du har en million du ikke ved hvor du skal gemme, så skal jeg nok holde den for dig. 🙂


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