The Title says it all, Biomarkers of Kidney Disease by Charles Edelstein (and a string of noteworthy contributors) is a remarkable book collecting practically all the knowledge available on biomarkers.

For the avid reader of these pages – the book contains new groundbreaking new info – it does however give an excellent summary of the current knowledge and it a very thorough introduction to the fascinating world of biomarkers, and how they will transform the way we identify AKI (acute Kidney Injury) and development i CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease)  and CIN (Contrast Induced Nepropathy)

on AKI; Clearly, NGAL represents a novel predictive biomarker for AKI and itsoutcomes

on CKD; There is anemerging literature suggesting that urine NGAL is also a marker of CKD and its severity.

on CIN; By multivariate analysis, the 2 h NGAL concentrations in the urine and plasma, but not patient demographics or contrast volume,were found to be powerful independent predictors of CIN.

As the closing remarks of the foreword says: Louis Pasteur stated, “Science knows no country, because knowledge belongs to humanity and is the torch which illuminates the world.”

Amongst the contributors we find the Grand old Man of NGAL-research Dr. Prasad Devarajan and also Dr. Michael Bennett, both of CCH (Cincinatti Childrens Hospital)

The book itself is highly recommended for those seeking up-to-date knowledge on the advantages of using biomarkers, the specifics and advantages/disadvantages …

NGAL – being the most promising biomarker of all – is discussed and analyzed first… – so if you just need a glimpse of the interesting world of biomarkers to make up your mind about investing in the ONLY company who has a homogenous NGAL-test applicable for all major RA’s – you just need to read chapter 1….

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