Abbreviations on Medicoinvestor – Don’t you just HATE when someone uses an abbreviation and you havn’t got a clue…

Don’t despair – Abbreviation Guide is here 🙂   -the list is probably incomplete – please consider it a work in progress) and for good measure – we added some layman terms of the terminology we use.


  • ABBOTT – Very large succesfull USbased diagnostic company listed on NYSE
  • ACP-PCI – Activated Protein C – Protein C Inhibitor – a marker used in sepsis
  • ALERE – Manufacturer of the Triage Analyzing system
  • AKI – Acute Kidney Injury – a potentially lethal disease
  • AKIN  –The Acute Kidney Injury Network  – almost all major companies/organisations working in kidney related areas
  • APACHE I/II/III = Acute Physiology and Chronic Health Evaluation, version  I/II/ III respectively
  • ANALYZER – machinery handling the tests – placed either at bedside og in Central Laboratories
  • ARCHITECT: Abbotts analyzer system
  • BIOSITE: US pioneer within usage of NGAL, purchased by Alere for 1.6 bn usd.
  • CKD: Chronic Kidney Disease
  • DANAHER:  USbased versatile Diagnostic company – in Denmark best known for purchase of Radiometer A/S, recently bought Beckmann Coulter (calif)
  • DAKO – Danish based regional distributor of The NGAL Test – up until now – not really the asset  we all expected. Rumoured to be manufacturer of test
  • ELI LILLY & Co – USbased pharma company manufacturer of now withdrawn Xigris
  • EPO – European Patent Organisation (well – no need to explain that)
  • ER – Emergency Room (dansk – skadestuer)
  • GFR glomerular filtration rate

  • GKA – Global Kidney Academy (online academy)
  • HETEROGENOUS test 2-step test requiring separation
  • HOMOGENOUS test – 1-step test (see turbidemetry)
  • ICU – Intensive Care Units (danish  intensiv afdeling)
  • IL Instrumentation Laboratory – USbased part of the Werfen Group – manufacturer of analyzers (amongst other things)  BioPorto’s FIRST license holder
  • IVD In Vitro Diagnostics  medical device intended to perform diagnoses from assays in test tube (vitro 0 glass in latin)
  • INVERNESS (Alere nowadays) leader in home and bedside testing
  • NDA Non Disclosure Agreement
  • NGAL – Netrophil Gelatinase- Associated Lipocalin :  The Biomarker – protein that can be used to measure kidney damage
  • NON EXCLUSIVE LICENSE agreement, where the licensor is permitted to give licenses to other interested parties
  • P.O.C. – Point of Care, analysis carried out at bedside (mobile analysers such as Alere’s Triage)
  • R.A – Random Acces, analyzers placed in the Central Laboratories
  • RIFLE criteria, a system that describes the various stages of AKI –  it defines three grades of increasing severity of Acute Kidney Injury – risk (class R), injury (class I) and failure (class F) – and two outcome classes (loss and  end-stage kidney disease)
  • OD – Opposition Division at EPO
  • OP – Oral Proceedings – kind of like last remarks in a courtroom before verdict
  • PHADIA – Originally sweidsh company (now owned by USbases Thermo Fisher) holder of ancient GAL patent
  • SEPSIS  in laymans terms – blood poisoning
  • TRIAGE: Inverness POC Analyzer system (blood sampling)
  • TRIAG: The patent issued by EPO to BioPorto (november 2011) covering injury as a result of physical injury
  • TURBIDEMETRY – technique where the cloudiness of a solution in which the amount of transmitted light is measured with a spectrophotometer
  • USPTO –  the US Patent and Trade Organisation (Organ handling patentissues in the US)
  • WERFEN GROUP, private held company that owns Instrumentation Laboratury
  • XIGRIS –   therapy  in connection with severe sepsis (withdrawn from market late 2011)

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