In this section we will try to have the most recent links. At this point of time new surveys are published almost on a daily basis. We cannot promise to include all relevant links – but will try to do our best.. Some we will comment – others you have to digest for yourself 😉

NGAL is very much the talk of the town – AND not only as a marker for AKI.

“The performance of NGAL in these and other clinical studies appears sufficient to recommend its inclusion in an early diagnostic panel for AKI, suggesting that we will likely see rapid expansion of its use in the coming years.”

Anemia – a new area.

A fantastic new study comparing NGAL to the Troponin revolution.

Dr Kai Schmidt-Ott from Schweiz on the newest survey – bye bye Serum Creatinine

In german : NGAL is better and cheaper than serum creatinine.

Measure of five urinary biomarkers from almost 1700 emergency room patients.

Interesting – a third of all bypass-patients develop AKI.

Conclusion: NGAL is an interesting marker.

Bioporto’s response to the opposition division of EPO.

the strenght of NGAL in prediction of AKI

The new Gold standard?

NGAL has been shown to be useful in the diagnosis of AKI.

Insights on urinary NGAL obtained in a primary care setting

NGAL is the better marker for use in emergency rooms.

NGAL and other markers in connection with Cronic Kidney disease.

NGAL – no measurable difference between blast and gunshot injury

NGAL  may identify patients at risk for organ injury, allow earlier intervention and reduce cost

2011 AKI Guidlines.

A comprehensive internet guide to nephrology – LOADS of info

41 minuts of Abbott presentation on Urin NGAL, presented by Claudio Ronco. (will only play in Internet Explorer)


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