Below are a couple of videos which hopefully may initiate a lengthy discussion about the value of novel biomarkers to diagnose acute kidney injury and if/when we might see these implemented into routine diagnostics.

“Biomarkers For Early Risk Assessment Of Acute Kidney Injury” :

“Novel Biomarkers for Acute Kidney Injury” :

“2012 ESICM Symposium – New AKI Biomarkers – Panel Discussion 1” :

There are quite a few youtube videos to be found relating to AKI and biomarkers, several, like the last one posted above, from ESICM (European Society of Intensive Care Medicine) 2012  – please do have a look and return here to discuss!

ISICEM (International Symposium on Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine) 2013 is held from today to March 22nd in Brussels.

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2 Responses to BioPorto, The NGAL Test: Implementation into routine diagnostics, when?

  1. stengaard says:

    thanks SA – we'll add this article to our library…

  2. S.A. says:

    More on NGAL – "The strength of NGAL in prediction of AKI" :

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