In my latest column i wrote about computertrading in spectrum pharmaceuticals.

In that column (written in danish) i concluded that the 100 stock trades was 67 % of all trades in Spectrum in the trading days from 31/7 to 2/8. I was watching the daily trading and concluded that spectrum was a highly manipulated stock.

In this column i have been watching the trading during the trading day at 3/8 2012 were the Spectrum share were traded up to 13,62 (up at 1,64 %). The stock was traded between 13,41 and 14,09….

During that trading day there were totally 2886 trades in Spectrum. A total of 2109 trades were 100 shares trades, or 73% aff all trades. That is a high number those computer control off the trades. But what was even more curiously is to look at the average for the 100 stock trades and the other trades. the daily average of the 100 stock trades was at 13,74 but the average of the others trades where at 13,83. It indicates to me, that a lot of the 100 stock trades were trading the stock down and the “long bets” were trading the stock up intraday.

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