When – oh when – will we see a Distribution Agreement ? ”   This must have been the most prominent question on the minds of BioPorto-shareholders this year.

Looking at the debates/discussions/polls here on MI – (The Lesser Evil) it certainly has been the predominant topic (apart from OD and EPO)

One could of course also have asked -” will we ever see a distribution agreement ?” , but with the recent interviews in Medwatch.dk in mind – that questions seems more or less settled.

From a shareholders point of view it is reassuring that it’s now more a question of when – rather than if….

I have looked into the options…

A: Distribution Agreement signed and published end of June

B: Distribution Agreement signed first or second week of July

C: Distribution Agreement signed at the AACC conference 15-19th of July 2012  in LA

D: Distribution Agreement signed during August

E: Distribution Agreement at Kidney Week in late october

lets rule out the latter two – if an agreement was that far off  (E) – then the company would have to say so.. (D) is also quite unlikely – basically beacuse most companies have their summervacation in august..

that leaves three options…

A – well time is running out, and we have been unable to intercept any  “stealth” info or any unusual activity at Grusbakken – I consider it highly unlikely that something happens this week

B –  first/second week July. Could very well be the case given the fact that the Phadia verdict came only a couple of weeks ago

C – AACC july 2012 (third week) – well – its the worlds largest venue for clinical laboratory equipment, and traditionally the meeting point of the whole industry. Exhibitions are nowadays primarily used as marketing tools (rather then sales) – you have the undivided attention of the media, and you have a splendid opportunity to “spread the word…”

I think I’ll settle for C…

I have arranged a small survey/poll – please participate – 🙂

About Stengaard

BioPorto investor from way back when... I've invested in BioPorto ever since they made their debut on the danish stock exchange, it been a looooong journey with many obstacles. But well worth it all if Bioporto maintains their patent after the proceedings in 2014, and enters into agreements with Global Distributors in 2012 and 2013 If not, then it'll take another xx.years 🙂

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2 Responses to Global NGAL Distribution Agreement, when ?

  1. Kp......... says:

    What if All og the above comes tru, does that mean that we Will see a total of 5 distribution agreements in total?

    • stengaard says:

      I think we will see a number of Agrrements over the next six months… The first one in july, and that the others will follow over the remainder of 2012. Iwill probably include Agreemnets with at least one or two of the following : Ortho Clinicals, Beckmann Coulter (Danaher), Siemens, Roche, Hitachi, Olympus… other options such as: http://www.amdm.org/members.html

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