On recently held ASN conference in San Francisco, Bioporto gave this presentation on a new study on momomer, homodimer and total NGAL.

As a layman one should be careful to interpret on scientific data as this, but I see it merely as a a part of a larger discussion on what should/could be measured (and a part of the ongoing patent-discussion)

According to the presentation, there has been speculations as to whether a cross measurement between monomer and homodimer NGAL, could provide more precise results than a “standard” NGAL test,  could give better and more precise information of the  nature of the kidney damage in question. (Inflammation or other reasons)

The presentation states, that momone NGAL is by far the predominant in ICU’s – and that the presence of homodimer is very low. In other words – a measurement of the total level of NGAL is sufficient to make an evaluation of the state of the kidney.

But this is just my non-scientific interpretation – feel free to contribute

This presentation can now be wiewed in the light of this recently amended patent application from Bioporto, on the use of free monomer NGAL, to asses the severity of a renal injury.

Download (PDF, 395KB)

(I would like to add Fillandkill as contributor to this post as he’ dug up this alteration/amendment , but his user-account seems to be missing.)

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