If you are reading this, chances are that you already know the great  potential that NGAL holds. Not only as a revolutionizing Biomarker.

But you might ask yourself , “is it possible to invest in a public listed company, where NGAL is the MAIN business, and where the potential in NGAL is yet to be calculated into the price of its shares?

We believe that Bioporto Diagnostics A/S is just that investment case that you have been looking for. To help you make your own decision, we at MedicoInvestor.com have made this presentation.

But instead of only praising NGAL/BioPorto (Biopor.co) , we at Medicoinvestor also feel it is our duty to inform you – about the challenges ahead, especially  in regards to different patent issues, and ongoing lawsuits…

The best indication that NGAL is interesting – is the vigour with which the Cutoff-Patent (already twice endorsed by EPO – and granted in India, Japan, Brazil etc.) is being fought by Abbott and Alere.

Right now the stock is  in a limbo, and the price is fixed between upper and lower estimates, in our view primarily as a result of the pending patent issue.

Before investing – you will be advised to ask youself what kind of investor you are. If you are an  “early-bird-catches-the-worm” type of  investor, now could be the time to make a purchase.

But of course that is just our opinion, you need to make your own judgments in regards to whether BioPorto will win or lose the core patent, and not just take our opinion for granted.

On the other hand – if your focus in on safety and capital preservation , you could wait until the ruling of the EPO, in regards to the patent. If the patent is revoked, the stock will tumble – anything from 25-50%. If the patent is maintained – then we see an immediate upside of the same percentages (or more)

Bear in mind that regardless if it turns out good or bad for Bioporto, they still market the only NGAL test, usable on almost all of the major brands analyzers, and have established distributionchannels in all the major countries, including India, China and the EU. (In the US,  design of a FDA survey is ongoing)

In time, they will become one of the major players on the NGAL marked. The EPO OD decides just how big.

About Karl M. Bidstrup

Tidligere ejer af Medicoinvestor.com Strategien har gennem mange år været at profitere på etablerede aktier, og brænde det hele af på Bioporto... Sad but true. Kontakt mig på medicoinvestor(A)gmail.com hvis du har en million du ikke ved hvor du skal gemme, så skal jeg nok holde den for dig. 🙂


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