finally a new comprehensive study on NGAL levels in Neonatals. The measurements and the study was conducted by Docteur Roszyk and Docteur Sapin at:  Service de biochimie et biologie moléculaire, hôpital Estaing, CHU de Clermont-Ferrand, France – so as always there is reasons to cheer :
Vive la France..
The interesting aspect of the study (as our senior scientific editor/contributor Doc points out) that this study gives clear indication of “normal” values of NGAL – and helps define the range of “non-AKI-NGAL-Levels”
The study shows that the non-aki-level stretches up too 146 ng/ml – and that neonatals that can be considered “normal”  have up to 117 ng/ml  (99% of population)
The quality of NGAl as a marker is underlined by the fact that 75% of all healthy children have measurements of under 12 mg/ml… In the words of Doc “It’s a damn fine marker for children…”
The test have been carried out on an Abbott Architect analyzer, but there is no disclosure of which Test have been used (but its probably Abbotts own)
Previously we have seen studies that indicate that 140-145 ng/ml is within the upper quartil of Non-AKI-patients

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