CIN – Contrast Induced Nepropathy is the only type of AKI where you can pinpoint the excact time of the injury.

Dr Mohammad Khatami of the Iranian Tehran University  has witten an interesting paper on CIN, causes, markers, therapies and future options.

As stated above CIN is the ONLY type of AKI where you have the precise timeline. Thus CIN should be able to help researchers find the best diagnostic tools, as well as have an ideal offset for finding the right remedies and therapies. Further there is much better chances of finding prophylatic measures. In spite of the fact that there are loads of studies on prophylactic measures – no guidelines are given (to my knowledge)

Danish readers remember the now not-so-recent Omniscan-scandal – where a large number of patient (with Chronic Kidney Disease) were given Omniscan – a new CM that resulted in numerous deaths and even more severe chronic diseases and health problems. CIN – or Contrast induced Nepropathy is seen worldwide seen in high numbers.

There have been several studies of AKI (in general) and biomarkes. Amongst those markers investigated  – as you all know –  NGAL has prevailed. NGAL as widely accepted as THE marker for AKI, recent studies seems to have concluded that is more or less “a Given Thing”. (as an example – please see: )

BUT – there have been limited numbers of studies as to whether the same applies for NGAL in relation to CIN….

read more in this interesting article:

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