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Fra: Eric Leire [mailto:EPL@dandrit.com]
Sendt: 20. januar 2013 12:07
Til: Eric Leire
Emne: FW: DanDrit Biotech enters 2013 with confidence.


Dear friends of DanDrit Biotech,


2012 has seen a record number of 39 FDA drug approvals (including 11 new cancer drugs). This approval number was twice the usual average number of drug approvals (~20 approvals

per year for the last 15 years) and, more importantly, is believed to be sustained in 2013 (see the 9 approvals in December only).  2012 was also the threatening peak year of branded

patent expiration for most pharmaceutical companies.  These pharmaceutical companies negotiated this cliff positively with a renewed full R&D pipeline. Also, the Biotech sector

outperformed the market in 2012.  Therefore, based on the factors above, most analysts are bullish for our industry in 2013.  DanDrit can then reasonably anticipate some tailwind for


More relevant for DanDrit, in January 2013, DenDeon reported rising Q4 2012 sales of $85 million for its cancer prostate cancer vaccine, Provenge™.  These increasing sales signal positive news departing from the two prior declining quarters, especially with the ongoing progress of competitive products such as Zytiga™ and Xtandi™.  So, in 2013, past disappointing Provenge™ results should stop penalizing other cancer vaccine companies, such as DanDrit Biotech.


But even more specific to DanDrit Biotech, 2013 will see GSK present the results from the MAGRIT trial (announced for mid-2013). MAGRIT is the largest-ever phase III lung cancer trial and investigates the efficacy of MAGE-A3 antigen-specific cancer immunotherapeutic agents in preventing cancer relapse in patients with MAGE-A3-positive non-small-cell lung cancer.  Note that GSK included its MAGE-A cancer vaccine in future sales forecasts. Positive data from MAGRIT in June 2013 are likely to influence the valuation of DanDrit Biotech as GSK and DanDrit Biotech are two companies targeting the same cancer specific antigen, MAGE-A.  As soon as positive MAGRIT data are published, DanDrit expects to receive high interest from potential pharma partners.


With this positive context, DanDrit Biotech is moving forward with its merger with DKTI.  The fourth and final version of the prospectus has been sent to OMX Nasdaq.  The company starts the year 2013 with cash in hand and has signed a MOU with Asian investors that will allow the company to proceed with the long awaited proof-of-concept randomized multi-center clinical trial in advanced colorectal cancer.


I would like to conclude this letter by thanking all of you for your continuous support to DanDrit Biotech and wish you and DanDrit Biotech a happy and successful 2013 year.




Dr. Eric Leire

CEO DanDrit Biotech

+45 2758 2457




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