Yesterday BIO CEO Conference from Spectrum Pharmaceuticals was as expected. Raj were talking a lot about Zevalin and he repeated the strategy as usual.

But there was some ”small news”, not told directly as news from Raj, more like news ”between the lines” to investors like me, which have knowledge about Spectrum and therefore can see what is new. I will share this will all of you.

For Belinostat Raj says: ”we get topline data in H2 2012 and will ”if successful” file an NDA in this year.

For Apaziquone Raj says: ”We get topline data in H1 2012 and will file an NDA this year”. No ”if successful”, then he talks about Apaziquone. Why? The data log was closed at December 2011, so there is a huge possible that Raj already has a lot of the data that in this time are being analysed and cleaned. I think Raj knows data from the broken randomisation and therefore are sure about Apaziquone.

Raj said for the first time that Zevalin CURES follicular lymphoma in some cases. Up until now Zevalin merely delays relapse. Who is this huge? In more than 50 years there has been no “treatment” to NHL patients. Drugs like Rituxan etc. are just improving lives to their patients, not remove the cancer, so eventually, all patients with NHL will die. But Raj said at the presentation that the curve after 7,5 years were flat. So in some cases Zevalin really Cures Follicular NHL.

The rest of the presentation was “standard”, so as end of my article I will post some famous Raj quotes:

“It is fun when the cash bell is ringing every day”.

“The whole world is our laboratory”.

“This is the year of Zevalin; this is the year of Spectrum”.

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2 Responses to The Spectrum Pharmaceuticals “Bio CEO Conference”:

  1. Bird1456 says:

    Zevalin has been shown to increase the live span of those with NHL Lymphoma

  2. Lymphoma says:

    'All patients with NHL will die,' It sounds worrisome for readers. I mean, it's kind of straightforward. We all know we're going to die, but NHL patients do not have the same cases with the other patients. There are those who will live longer than expected. Well, hopefully this Zevalin can help.

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