In march 2011, Bioporto signed the first non-exclusive license agreement for access to the NGAL cut-off patent.
The deal was made with US based Instrumentation Laboratory (part of the Werfen Group), and paid an initial 250.000€, rising to 2.000.000€ in milestones. The deal also holds a 5,5% royalty for Bioporto.

More important though,  entering into an agrement with IL  is like  a “stamp of approval” from a major player in the medical sector, and a most welcome allied.

The official announcement can be found here.

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Tidligere ejer af Strategien har gennem mange år været at profitere på etablerede aktier, og brænde det hele af på Bioporto... Sad but true. Kontakt mig på medicoinvestor(A) hvis du har en million du ikke ved hvor du skal gemme, så skal jeg nok holde den for dig. 🙂

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One Response to The first (and so far only) NGAL license agreement.

  1. StoneFarm says:

    today they announced another type of Agreement, basically for a Homogenous Test (as opposed to the heterogenous test under developement by Instrumentation Lab). The NGALtest will be part of a immunoassay marketed by the Wiener Group of Argentina under their own label …

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