As some of you know, Dandrit is planning a merger with DKTI A/S a company listed on the danish stock exchange.

DKTI is cash rich but with no real purpose, quite the oppsite to Dandrit – who is a company with a message – but precious little cash. So it looks like a match made – well perhaps not in Heaven – but at least in a visionary environment.

I will not go into DKTI – since it is after all – merely a legal framework with a swelling bank-account, but being a newcomer on the danish stock-exchange Dandrit may deserve a closer look.

Today – we’ll start with the dendritic cells (and there was much rejoicing amongst the readers…:)  )

The scientic principle of Dandrit is based on the effect of Dendritic cells. Dendritic cell were first described by Dr Paul Langerhans in the late part of the 19th century. Noone paid much attention to the discovery – but that changed in  1973 when Ralph Steinman and Zanvil Cohn published their article – and renaming the cells “dendritic cells” .  In 2007 Steinman was awarded the prestigous Albert Lasker Award and in 2011 posthumously the most prestiogous price – The Nobel Price.  Steinman died while the Comitee were making the decision.

What is a dendritic cell you might ask – well here is a description: Dendritic cells (DCs) are immune cells that a form part of the immune system. Their main function is to process antigen material and present it on the surface to other cells of the immune system, thus functioning as antigen-presenting cells.

Mature Dendritic cells are normally present in small quantities in the skin ( a special type of dendritic cells are caled Langerhans cells after the scientist who first described the cells) and the nose, stomach, lungs and intestines – in  short in tissue that is exposed to air or food. Immature Dendritic cells are found in blood.

When alerted Dendritic cell migrate to the lymphoids where together with T-cells and B-cells they form the immediate immune response.  During the metamorphosis they grow projections, the ”dendrites”, hence the name Dendritic cell.

Presently Dendritic cells are being investigated in a number of studies – such as:

So it is in an area of extreme focus that Dandrit operate.  to learn more about dendritic cells I recommend:

The first breakthrough for Dendritic cells in cancer treatment is attributable to Dendreon –

The company has paved the way for other companies, such as Dandrit. As a matter of fact, the public access to the files at the FDA will help Dandrit (and other emerging companies) in designing the studies needed in order to fulfill the strict reglations of the FDA. The main (more or less ONLY product of Dendreon) is Provenge. This may turn out to be the Achilles-heel of Dendreon, since the product is limited to only one type of cancer (prostate). Other companies (such as Dandrit9 have developped a more versatile technique that can be used on on a number of cancer-types.. Dandrits procuctline – known as MelCancerVac can be used (at the moment) against colorectal cancer and non-small cell lung cancer

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